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The Lending Agent Strategy

This powerful strategy utilizes the principle of “Better Together” to significantly increase your income by closing the loan and Real Estate in a single transaction. You can also refinance your past, present and future clients. This can help supplement your income during the slow season and when interest rates are low.


Here are the options on how you can increase your income:


  • Become a Loan Originator- there are several options for this

  • Market to your database (DB) and sphere of influence (SOI) for purchase and refi loans

  • Grow your referral network beyond your existing data base or sphere of influence by adding value to your clients

  • Participating in the RMx.

Each of these can increase your income using the concept of  “Better Together


Full Functioning Loan Originator-​

Be a full functioning Loan Originator and make up to 1.5% commission per loan. Example: $500,000 x 1.5% = $7,500 per transaction


Pre-Approval Loan Originator–

Obtain an electronic approval with all conditions and make up to .75% commission per loan. Example: $500,000 x 1.5% = $3,750 per transaction


Prefer to refer Loan Originator -

If you would ‘Prefer to Refer’, we will partner you with one of our seasoned LO's and you can make up to .25% commission per loan. Example: $500,000 x .25% = $1,250 per transaction


Marketing to your Database (DB) and Sphere of Influence (SOI) for loan production-


Every sales professional must market – it is the basic common denominator, and all successful Real Estate professionals are in constant marketing mode. Historically you have not included ‘loans’ as part of your marketing plan - there was never a reason to do this. Loans were a byproduct of the Real Estate transaction and could not be monetized – until now. Based on the above income analysis it is in your best interest to market for loans. This includes purchase and refinance loans. There are many ways to do this including marketing to your existing data base and SOI with the message that you can accommodate loans as well as Real Estate. Email, social media, post cards, direct mail, farming, etc., are all great ways to get the word out!

Growing your referral network-

Increase your referrals by using the value proposition of “Better Together”.  Now you have Real Estate and Loans to market and campaign for new business. Target marketing could include attorneys, CPA’s, financial planners/advisors, escrow/title and other industry professionals to grow your referral business.


Participating in the RMx-

This is a very powerful tool that will help maximize your income beyond your ability to transact. The RMx rewards you for recruiting professionals and pays you basis points on their loan production. As stated above, your previous income may not have been influenced by your ability to attract other professionals because there was nothing for you to gain. In our offering, we want to reward you for your efforts to help us grow. We are looking for both Real Estate professionals and Loan Originators who can benefit from this.

You will maximize your income with the above strategies, utilizing “Better Together.”

Please contact me for a confidential conversation and review of the offering

Natasha Campisi

Executive Director

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Better Together™ (1).png